Frequently Asked Questions

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are formed when we have an opinion that we have backed up with evidence we collect over time about why that opinion is ‘true’. For example, I may have an opinion that brussel sprouts taste awful and as I taste them and do not enjoy them, I have collected evidence that I was ‘right’; brussel sprouts don’t taste fantastic. That now becomes a new belief held in my energy body and subconscious. So, if I’m offered them in the future, I will decline the offer as a reflex based on my belief and the memories this stirs up for me.


If we use this brussle sprout example, is it true? I never used to like brussle sprouts but then I happened to try one as an adult and I quite liked it. So, the evidence didn’t support the belief anymore that they tasted awful. My new belief is that they taste great, cooked a certain way.


This is a limiting belief that I was conscious of however we have thousands of beliefs that are we are unconscious of that run on autopilot in the background. 80% of these unconscious beliefs were formed before the age of seven.


Let that sink in. Based on our limited life experience, by the time we’ve reached seven years of age, we have already set-up the foundation of how we think the world works. And we do this for good reason, we quickly figure out what we need to do to survive, to get what we want, to receive love and support, to fit in to the family unit, what our role is, how relationships work, how marriage works and so on.


Over time, we naturally see the world differently as we become adults and we form new beliefs in the process. This is where it gets interesting too. Our new beliefs don’t automatically cancel out our old beliefs that no longer help us. This is where they can begin to interfere with our progress and keep us stuck, reliving the same experiences.


For example, you might decide that you want a promotion. You know you’re more than capable because your job is so easy and you would really love a pay rise. But somewhere buried within you is a belief that you have to work really hard to have what you want in life; you need to put in the hard yards to ‘make it’ in the world.


In this example, even though you know you can handle the promotion, another belief says that you can’t have it because your job is easy and you haven’t worked hard enough. With this limiting belief in place, you could either talk yourself out of applying or apply and not get the job anyway because somewhere in your energy field you don’t believe it possible. Your energy does not allow it.


Our beliefs shape our experiences in life and we can only experience something, whether it’s good or bad, if somewhere in our energy field we allow it.


Allowing something unfavourable to happen in your life could be as simple as believing that ‘people drive like lunatics in peak hour traffic’. If you believe it, you will experience it.


I believe that I always get a great parking spot, right out the front of the supermarket, when I do the grocery shopping. I also believe that I always get things for free when I go shopping. We can consciously create some great beliefs if we choose to and benefit from them.


These are the conscious beliefs that we’re generally aware of, and if we really want to change things we can change these beliefs by telling ourselves a new story like I did with the brussle sprouts.


It is the unconscious limiting beliefs that we focus on during our energy healing sessions and it is amazing what we can uncover, what beliefs we created or which ones we picked up from the people around us an accepted as truth at a young age. We form limiting beliefs at any time, but the majority of them are from childhood depending on how we perceived things happening around us. That’s why when you talk to siblings, each of them have a different view about what their childhood was like. It can be as if they grew up in completely different households, even though it wasn’t the case.


They simply formed an opinion as a child and collected evidence to support the opinion. Sometimes we continue collecting this evidence well into adulthood that keeps these beliefs firmly in place. The more evidence we collect, the stronger the belief is. The more emotion that sits behind the evidence, the deep it is wedged into our energy field.


When we are children we often experience life with intense emotions. When a child is sad they can really seem devastated because they lost their favourite toy. Or find so much joy and laughter in a simple exchange with another person who is making faces at them.


We can’t feel guilty for creating these beliefs because we certainly didn’t know what we were doing. But they are there and they can be cleared so that the new beliefs that we choose to have can bring us what we want to experience without obstacles in the way of us receiving it.


We can’t blame other people for our experiences either. Because regardless of what has happened, regardless of who did what to who, we still chose to take on certain energy and make it our own, even if we didn’t realise what it would mean for us later on. 


How can you clear limiting beliefs for another person?

I have studied several different healing modalities and learnt how each interprets how this energy sits in our energy field and how each proceeds to clear them. I find this incredibly fascinating and whatever we believe, it takes up a space within our energy field somewhere. This is what I can see during healing sessions and limiting beliefs form shadows or dark patches which I clear together with all of the supportive evidence we have collected as individuals that kept these beliefs in place.


For example, you will still be aware that you grew up with certain message and life lessons from your family such as ‘you have to work hard to have what you want in life’, but you don’t have the supporting evidence of this belief anymore so it doesn’t trigger a reaction within you consciously or unconsciously.


Sometimes, if the belief and supporting evidence are cleared, you will have difficulty recalling the belief or experiences all together and this is an incredibly powerful change to experience in your life.


Beliefs that we have that are not limiting and destructive, show up as ‘light’ in  your energy field and these we cannot clear because they are in alignment with source. We cannot clear anything that is ‘true’ only that which is ‘false’ that presents as shadow. You are not made up of shadow, you are made up of light and energy healing is process of transmuting shadow energy and returning to this ‘enlightened’ state where anything is possible as you create your reality.


There are ways you can create new beliefs that are dominant over an old belief that no longer serves you on your own and we encourage you to explore alternative ways you can do this such as using affirmations and repetition. These are more common ways of reprogramming consciousness. We deal with the energy of limiting beliefs and the energetic reasons why they are in place.  


What is my vibrational energy?

Our vibration is determined by how we feel. So, if we have a low vibration we are experiencing feelings of shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger. These are really heavy feelings and are low density.


Hopefully we are not living with these feelings for the majority of the time. Ideally, we should experience them in various forms, but move away from them and into a higher vibrational feeling.

Being neutral to what is happening around us is a great place to be and as we begin to move into living in the higher vibrational feelings of love, joy, peace, acceptance, reason.


Moving from lower density feelings to a higher state can be a huge challenge for some. We accumulate memories, experiences, form beliefs to protect us in the world. Our entire life story forms our worldview, and this is different for everyone. Some lives have more trauma and challenging experiences compared to others so clearing out these energy blocks is always a gentle, nurturing process.


Our bodies will process the energies releasing and as this happens, we can be moody, irritable and experience mild flu-like symptoms. This doesn’t happen all the time, and sometimes you may not experience any of these.


If you look at the vibrational frequencies chart below and reflect on the day, just notice how many times you felt annoyed, frustrated, became fearful, blamed someone for something and so on. This can be a challenge for most people too, but it is a great place to start.



What is a light upgrade?

A light upgrade is your capacity to hold light in your energy field and radiate it out to the world around you so that you have a positive and uplifting effect on those around you. Have you ever been around someone who is laughing, and you are not certain of the reasons why, but pretty soon you find yourself laughing along with them? Your energy, the light you hold and radiate out has the same effect.


When we clear out energy blocks we free up space for that energy to become something new. By filling you with light, divine consciousness, the light will fill in the gaps of what has been removed and this is when you being to feel more connected to who you are at a soul level.


The concept of holding light resonates with a lot of people because at a soul level, we might have signed up to bring more light into the world or to bring light into certain family, organisation, or community groups to create change.


If holding more light and increasing your light quotient resonates with you, it’s very possible this is part of your soul’s agenda in this incarnation. Resonance is our soul’s subtle way of trying to get us to pay attention.


What happens after we clear out these energy blocks, beliefs and filters? Will I be a different person?

The best way to describe the after-effects of this is to think of all of the things that push your buttons and get you fired up. Eventually, you don’t react the same way as you use to and all of these triggers disappear. Which allows your infinite, divine, higher self to shine through and allows you to connect to your soul at a much deeper level so you live with a sense of purpose, direction and simplicity.


Which is so liberating because that is when you can really stay in the higher vibrational frequencies of love and joy for much longer or the entire day. Very few things throw you off your happiness and rock your boat. You can still get annoyed or upset but it becomes a rare occurrence, especially if you have learnt how to bounce back quickly.


Beliefs and filters can taint how you see the world and limit our potential, ability to see opportunities and confidence in ourselves and our sense of safety and power.


This is important to clear because we buy and sell ourselves stories over time that are not true. Holding on to the supporting evidence of those beliefs limits your capacity to experience the abundance of all things in your life.


Some of the common beliefs we have helped clients with are:


  • Don’t trust that you will make the right choice

  • Fear of messing things up

  • Always have relationships with the same type of people, relationships end the same way.

  • Deservedness - don’t really feel like you deserve something you want such as promotion, relationship

  • People don’t understand you, no one can relate to your take on things

  • Don’t know what to do, how to do it, can’t do it, it’s too difficult, there’s no point

  • Fear of running out of time (age and what we ‘should have’ achieved by a certain age)

  • People don’t listen/ feeling unheard/ overlooked/ disregarded/ unloved

  • You can’t have it all, something has to give (you can earn a high salary, but that doesn’t leave room for the relationship you want)

  • Afraid to try something new because you will fail

  • Fear of being wrong

  • Fear of change; you can’t change, too old to change, not smart enough to change, not attractive enough to change, not enough to have what you want in the world

  • Uncertainly. You don’t know what is going to happen in the world so why should you make any plans?


Changes in your energy field are subtle and sometimes you may barely notice a change. This is like a tiny change in the path you are on in life. If you think about this from the perspective of a pilot flying a plane, if the course changes by one degree, the pilot will arrive at a completely different destination at the end of the flight. Many small changes in your energy field will bring you to a much different destination and they cool thing is, you get to create the destination with ease. You are always choosing in this freewill game, whether you’re aware of it or not.


What energy healing is not

Energy healing sessions can only be performed for people who give their expressed consent to have energy removed from their energy field. It’s a freewill game in this lifetime and we will never provide services where the person has no awareness and we cannot consult with them.


Our energy healing sessions are designed to help you make a permanent shift into higher vibrational feelings. It is not about giving you a moment of joy and so you can shift back into lower density feelings as your normal and acceptable way of life. While we are able to clear a variety of energy blocks in your energy field, only you can ultimately heal yourself.


The outcomes you achieve from our healing services are dependent on you taking responsibility to surrender to the healing process that we have tailored to support you. You will receive guidance, message and feedback at the end of the session and this will highlight to you underlying patterns, energies that have been holding you in an undesirable state. You will then be given specific tools, techniques to use to create a permanent change in your life. We provide you with the tools, but you need to do the work and it is ultimately up to you to create a permanent change with the guidance you have received so you do not re-create the same energy again.  

Permanent change happens gently and gradually with the help of spirit and it is like peeling back the layers of an onion in many ways. You will not wake up as a completely different person; this would cause people to go into shock as they try to comprehend the changes. Change is gradual and requires your permission, attention and self-reflection so you are able to notice how you would prefer your life to be and move towards that.


I am guided by spirit and tailor healing sessions for each individual to best support their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. They will be guiding me through each healing session too in collaboration with your individual guides and higher self.


We reserve the right to refuse services to individuals who refuse to take ownership of their energy and are more comfortable blaming and shaming people in their lives. These are very intense energies that usually team up with a range of unhealthy re-actions that keep individuals stuck in the same experiences until they are ready to acknowledge the truth of the situation. We understand these energies can take time to clear because we feel they protect us in some way, however we cannot provide further assistance until there is reflection and an understanding at a deeper level such as an individual quest to raise ones consciousness in order to perceive a broader range of concepts.


Some clients may need to do some soul searching at this point. During these moments we encourage our clients to be proud for making it this far, you have done a great job and reached the point where what you know has stopped working in your favour. You may be challenged beyond your comfort zone or introduced to concepts that are new to you, so bring an open mindset as you prepare to try and approach life being guided by spirit on your own unique journey.


More questions? Feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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