Our Story

Meet Sharyn 

When you follow your guidance, your intuition and what you naturally find interesting, you are following your life path and trusting that everything is going to work out, just as it is meant to. That is something that I have done my whole life. I have followed what seems like a soul-vocational push into certain areas of my life and I've rolled with it from a young age. 

I've never been one to do anything that I don't want to do but on the flip side of that, there is so much enthusiasm when I come across something that feels right. Whether it was jumping from different jobs into new industries in my former corporate life, publishing several books, starting my own business in finance or simply paying attention to the undeniable amplification of my higher senses; I moved, changed, adapted and followed my heart with an abundance of curiosity driving me on.


They say, that if you follow your guidance that you will end up exactly where you need to be and everything will unfold for you in this lifetime as it is meant to. It certainly has for me. I travelled a bumpy third dimensional (3D) road for a while, which is evident in my first book when I look back at it, but this book helped to really understand the challenges of 3D so that I can help others. Everything has a purpose.

I learned that I was a natural manifestor and that I had instinctively used the Law of Attraction to manifest new jobs, discounts and money but it wasn't until I wrote my second book, Machiavellian, that I realised how powerful I was or what I was capable of achieving using the Law of Attraction. In writing this book, I accidentally manifested by husband.

I had to look at the process of what I had done so that I could make sense of it and replicate it in other areas of my life so that I could deliberately create my world. And what a difference the practice of Deliberate Creation can make in our lives. 

It wasn't easy sailing for me from there though. It some ways it seemed so cruel that despite deliberately creating a beautiful home, new career and the perfect relationship for me that I would go through nothing short of the most horrendous trauma I had experienced in my life. It left me a little annoyed because I certainly wasn't creating this intentionally, and I was struggling to manifest my way out of this crappy situation I did not want. 

That's when I heard a very clear message and that was 'you can only experience something, if your energy allows it on some level'. I had let YouTube run on auto play and wasn't paying attention to anything in particular, I had no idea who I was listening to but this phrase from them jumped out at me. And for me that means I need to PAY ATTENTION.

I have always listened to my intuition and the messages from my guides like this one, it’s fun game. So I dug deeper about what this phrase meant and before I knew it I had a completely new take manifesting. If I struggled manifesting something, it was simply because I had a subconscious belief or pattern blocking the flow of my energy that was derailing my good intentions for myself. I set to work and I mean WORK! I cleared blocks every day, relentlessly and within three months I had turned that crappy situation around and resolved it how I chose to. 

I was back in the driver's seat but with this new found knowledge. I can see now quite clearly, that this experience was a major awakening for me and accelerated my ascension from 3D to the higher dimensions. It was such a profoundly powerful experience for me that I kept going. 

I cleared blockages in my energy field every day, and as soon as I noticed anything that was not in alignment, I would clear it. There have been days where I discover over twenty different types of blockages and spend the next week or so clearing them. I was so determined to not allow anything to interfere with what I wanted to experience in this life.

That's when happiness became my natural state and with that manifesting happened FASTER. That was such a nice surprise and knowing how transformational this process was, although bloody challenging at times, I wanted to help other people. 

That is exactly what I did. I learned many different energy healing modalities and techniques, most of which I learned for own self-healing, but embracing so many modalities opened up my higher senses further and help me deepen my connection to my spirit guides and mentors whom I work with daily in one way or another.

My life journey was not planned, it unfolded so that I could live a deeply satisfying life in alignment with who I am and help others. This is achievable for everyone. As a New Experience Mentor & Healer, I am thrilled to work with you so that you can tap into your power to create your world, your way.