• Sharyn Atkinson

A Game of Consciousness

More than ever, we are in a position to notice that we are in a game of consciousness. Our own evolution to higher consciousness that effectively rolls up into the game of collective consciousness. These are fascinating to watch and experience at any time, but this moment in time is heightened like never before.

Living in Melbourne, Australia with some of the world’s most draconian restrictions in place, it certainly is an interesting time to be alive. And I have wondered on several occasions what I signed up for in this lifetime and how I can be of service given what is unfolding.

With those questions in mind I sat down one evening to watch the movie ‘The Game’. You might have seen it, it’s quite old now and stars Michael Douglas. As I watched the movie, I received the following transmission from my guides:

Notice how he cannot tell what is real and what is not, his perception determines his reality. Notice that as you watch the movie, your mind cannot tell that it is not real because you react, and this changes your frequency. You know it’s not ‘real’ when you take a step back but when you are involved in the story, your mind does not know the difference. Your whole field changes and it will take you a moment to return to your preferred, natural state. Your physical reality is the same, it is not ‘real’. It’s a perception of what you believe, reflecting back at you for you to experience. Your mind cannot separate from an experience until you acknowledge that ‘life’ is the same as watching a movie. Our reactions to a movie, life events and experiences should be treated the same. Experience them but with the knowledge that it’s not ‘real’ & we can choose what we prefer in its place and turn off the movie (step out of it).

This is so important for everyone right now because we see things on the news and social media that create fear to an incredible degree right now. It is a constant flow of fear in one form or another. Whether it is about a virus, the government, ‘conspiracy theories’, riots, protests, police, vaccinations there is a constant flow of information that is attracted to you, based on how you are reacting to it.

Whatever you believe is happening in the current local and global situation, is playing out for you. You have been swept up into in a game of collective consciousness where what you believe is manifesting because you cannot separate from it because you perceive it as ‘real’.

Our reality is not ‘real’. What we experience in our reality is a reflection of what we believe. So regardless of your perspective, if you do not like what you are experiencing, you have the power to step out of it. Just as you do when you finish watching a movie; you acknowledge that it wasn’t real and return to a state you prefer.

This is so powerful, but I know this is also like mental gymnastics. Let’s say for example, you decide to watch a horror movie. Your heart might start racing and you’re shocked by some scenes throughout the movie. You reacted, you were swept up in the story. When the movie is finished, you still feel a little on edge but you know it wasn’t real. It might take you a while to get the images out of your head, you talk about the movie when it finished and it could take you a few hours to go back to ‘normal’; your preferred state.

But when the movie is finished, you will eventually return to your preferred state. You don’t live in a continued state of fear because you choose not to. Just as we experience information on the news and social media, we have a choice to not buy into the story.

So if you find yourself thinking about how terrible the world is, how cruel, of hidden agendas, how dangerous and shocking, take a step back. Ask yourself if this is how you want to feel tomorrow? Ask yourself if what you are feeling is what you want to see show up in your physical experience.

How many people do you think feel the same way? If you read through comments on social media you will see common lines of thought. These common lines of thought are essentially rolled up into collective consciousness for the community to experience. Whether it’s a good experience or bad, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about choice in this freewill game of consciousness. People are choosing their experience unconsciously because they allow themselves to be swept up into a story. And so, it plays out.

It is very much a game of consciousness. Think of consciousness like a spiders web, and different sections of the web represent individual beliefs that keep it together. Allow the web to become bigger and stronger with more and more people believing the same thing.

Now, look at the web and take out one section that represents the beliefs that you are holding in the collective. Take it out by stepping out of the story and choose to experience something better; something you prefer. What happens to the web with a section missing? It becomes weak.

Pretty soon, another section breaks away and the web will not be able to support itself any longer. It will collapse and hang on by a tread but loose its complete structure. As we step out of fear programming and choose to feel something different, we create change in the collective in a similar way to web collapsing.

As we separate from the narrative, and release feelings of fear, we hold more light. This helps others in the collective do the same, and pretty soon the reality changes because there are not enough beliefs supporting the story, so we can no longer experience it.

Wherever your view is of current events, and whatever reality you see playing out for you that you do not prefer, detach from it. Decide what you would prefer instead and get into that feeling. Contemplate your preference all day long and before you go to bed instead. Have faith that the web is collapsing because you broke away one small section and watch the changes occurring around you.

Various people know the game of consciousness well. This is why they are able to sweep you up in fear so quickly and bring about an experience for humanity that ties into an agenda; they allow the collective to manifest it. You must learn to play the game of consciousness by detaching from what you do not prefer, ‘change that channel/ turn off the movie’ and making a different choice.

Quick way to release unwanted feelings & emotions

  • When you notice a heavy feeling or emotion, don’t fight it. Don’t resist it and don’t pretend that it doesn’t bother you. Acknowledge how you are feeling and notice where you feel this in your body.

  • When was the first time you felt this way? How old were you?

  • Is it your energy or did you get it from someone else such as a parent or teacher?

  • Thank the energy and declare that it is not who you are and you choose to release it.

  • Imagine white light moving through and breaking up this energy in your body, through time right back to the very first time you felt this way. See this energy travel out of your body into the centre of the planet where it is transmuted by mother earth.

  • Imagine your body is filling up with the highest love and highest light, filling in all spaces with light.

Enjoy this game of consciousness. Play wisely, with love and what resonates with your heart and live and experience what you choose in this freewill game.

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