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Are you ready to heal?

Before I go into healing and if you are ready to heal on all levels, I’m going to recap what illness and wellness is from an energy perspective.


When we perceive an event as traumatic, we create a block in our energy, so it does not flow as it is supposed to. What we perceive as traumatic can range from an argument, abuse, accident, or it can even be a surreal experience that we simply cannot believe happened. We have all experienced the latter to some degree and told ourselves that ‘I can’t believe that just happened.’

All of these perceived traumas put us into shock to varying degrees and when that happens, we create a block in our energy somewhere in, on or around the body. These blocks stop the natural flow of energy in our body and we can either experience body symptoms, recurring life dramas, heavy emotions, mixed manifesting outcomes or a combination of these as a result. We literally become at dis-ease and life can be a struggle.


Returning to wellness can be a real journey depending on what aspect of self you choose to heal. Regardless of the type of block in energy we’re looking at, returning to wellness involves understanding why the energy is there in the first instance and what perceived limitation of our soul we have so we can learn from the energy. Once we understand the key messages, we can clear the energy and reconnect you to your soul. This allows your energy to flow as it is supposed to and we can experience wellness in all areas of our lives.

Wellness from an energy perspective is about feeling fantastic and experiencing joy and ease in all areas of our lives; not only being free of body aches and pains. If we are struggling with relationships, finances, how we show up in the world, limitations, recurring life drama and struggle these are all indications that there are blocks somewhere in our energy field.

Are you ready to really heal?

So you might be wondering why people aren’t ready to wipe the slate clean and create the life they truly want to experience every day. I have identified three major obstacles that prevent people from healing on all levels. These are fear, self-doubt and resistance and these energies can actually team up and work together.


While it is absolutely an exciting opportunity to wipe the slate clean of all blocks in our energy, we need to bring up and stir up all of the feelings and experience some people are not ready to look at.

This is usually because there is a fear of reliving emotional pain and people try to avoid everything that is painful. Which is great because it demonstrates to us how powerful we are as creators. We have created blocks that are working hard to keep us safe and protect us, and they actually work. But in doing so we miss out on joy and happiness because in our heart we desperately want to experience something different, but it seems to elude us.

Fear is broad and some of the different energies that sit within it are fear of humiliation, fear of being judged, fear of being hurt, fear of not being able to express ourselves openly, fear of rejection, fear of messing things up, fear of what people will think, fear of being seen and feeling safer playing small rather than standing in our power.


Self-doubt is a big one too and has so many different limited beliefs attached to it such as being too old, not smart enough, not worthy enough to really have it all, we don’t think we can really have everything we want because the world doesn’t work like that, something has to give in the “real world”, don’t think it’s possible to have what you want without hard work and struggle, you’re cursed, you’re a jinx, you always give and never receive and one of the biggest here is possibly apathy.

Apathy is where you have tried something time and time again and nothing has worked so why bother? ‘Why bother’ energy is exceptionally powerful but again it protects us from experiencing disappointment and feeling like we have failed, so apathy also plays a huge protective role for us in our lives.

If you have been trying to manifest something and it keeps eluding you, there is a block in the way that is stopping you from receiving it. Or you might receive what you desire but you might experience mixed results or receive it in undesirable circumstances. Like having Santa leave you presents, only to discover the gifts are rocks from the garden which leave you deflated. You might end up telling yourself that you can ‘manifest the small stuff, but you cannot manifest the big stuff.’ If this is happening in your life, you have energetic blocks that are literally old beliefs that interfere with your new beliefs.

Another downside to not being able to manifest everything we desire is that we can end up feeling abandoned by source as we wonder why no matter how hard we try; it just doesn’t work. Don’t create that belief because you are very supported and loved and your mixed results or lack of desired outcomes is the universe’s way of telling you what is blocking you. Pay attention to these breadcrumbs.


The main obstacle to healing is resistance. We resist what is unfamiliar because we are not sure of the risk involved or what to expect afterwards. We can identify so strongly with our energy blocks that we really do think they make up who we are as a person. For example, someone might say that they lose their temper quickly and do not sugar-coat anything for anyone because they’re a Scorpio and that’s just one of their traits. This is not actually true. In this example, there is a lack of compassion and an anger block connected to how we think the world should and should not be.

But in any case, we can either choose to identify ourselves as the energy that creates disharmony and drama, or we can clear it, so we do not get angry in the first instance. It is all a choice and people absolutely resist this because they do not know who they are if they take away things like the ‘traits of a Scorpio’.

Sometimes with friends and family, the way we bond is through drama and gossip and people will resist changing themselves because they don’t know how they will receive love if they are not building a relationship a way that they have always been familiar with. They fear they will be rejected and alone if they do not fit in and conform.

Sometimes, as children we learn to see the world through a challenging and negative lens so that we can fit in and receive love from our family. This way of receiving love and acceptance can continue for our entire life unless we choose differently for ourselves.

The Best Part of Healing

I will let you in on a secret. If you have removed enough of your energetic blocks to feel as though you are in love with life every day, then your manifesting abilities are amplified. So you will absolutely have the power to create loving relationships with the people you care about in a way that is in alignment with your soul and in positive, loving ways.

When you are creating your world, your way, there is nothing to be fearful of because it shows up as you want it to. And the added bonus is the more energy blocks you choose to remove, the more light you hold and this energetically uplifts people around you like a contagious smile.

The amount of light we hold is a representation of how connected we are to our soul and to fully embody all aspects of our soul would be awesome. But you don’t need to achieve this level of enLIGHTenment to have the power to create your world, your way. You just need to make enough of shift to get out of the heavy feelings of guilt, shame, anger, sadness, pride and make your way to neutrality.

Every feeling above neutrality brings more and more blessings and you really will know your power as a soul having a physical experience in this lifetime. Everything is possible and if you doubt that, then it is a great time to look at the energy blocking you and get it out of the way so you can begin to heal and create your world, your way.

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