• Sharyn Atkinson

Clearing your energy field

Before I start explaining how to clear your energy field, I am going to give you an overview of your energy body, how it interacts with the world around it and why it’s important to clear your energy field of interference on a regular basis.

The basics

Our energy field is a complex structure, made up of seven main chakras in the body, three additional main chakras located above the crown, one main chakra below the feet, 144 minor chakras in the body that communicate through the energetic pathways called the meridians which support our organs and help our body to function.

It doesn’t stop there though. Our aura also makes up our energetic body and each layer of the aura, corresponds to a different major chakra in the body. If the chakras above your crown and below your feet are no longer dormant, they will be represented as a layer in the aura also, but for the majority of people these four chakras are inactive.

What our energy body experiences

As we go about our day and interact with people, we exchange energy. Our chakras are spinning vortexes of light and when we communicate with someone, one or more chakras may connect. We also create cords between our chakras and other people, which is completely natural and beneficial in most instances such as a base chakra cord between mother and child or a heart chakra cord that is established between a couple in love.

After a break-up or an unrequited love scenario, cords can be created that are unwanted. This is where people can feel uneasy and unable to stop thinking about someone. These cords need to be dissolved to experience relief and sometimes, for long standing or intense relationships the person may need to dissolve cords each day for a few weeks until the other person stops re-creating the cord.

Our aura is an electromagnetic field of energy that holds a vast amount of information which can include filters for how we choose to see the world based on our corresponding beliefs. Filters in our aura help to form our perception and determine what we experience that fits our belief system as information is processed through these lenses. These filters are not always correct. We can have incorrect perceptions of how the world works, how our body works and the things that people should and shouldn’t do that shapes our experiences.

Energy Blocks

We can create an energetic block anywhere in, on or around our body, and we do this unintentionally. These energetic blocks represent limiting beliefs that we have formed over time and they could include thoughts such as feeling unsupported, that life is difficult, you are not a confident person, you have to have a university degree to earn a decent salary and so on. That’s one way we block our energy and stop the flow of energy in the body.

There are also different energies that can stick to our aura, our body and even imbed themselves in our chakras without us knowing. In some healing modalities these energies are refer to as entities or shadow energy, but I prefer to refer to them an energy block because it generally doesn’t stir up any nefarious concepts we may have bought and sold ourselves as a result of watching horror movies.

These energy blocks restrict the flow of energy in our bodies in the same way our false beliefs do, however shadow energy is very sneaky. It can also create a situation to startles us as a means of disrupting our energy field so that they are able to jump into it. When we jump or get a fright the electromagnetics of our energy changes, even for a moment, which is an opportunity for shadow to attach to us.

When we have one of these energy blocks, we’re usually unaware of it and just like our beliefs, they can taint the way we perceive the world and how we feel about the people around us. The longer it is there we begin to identify with the energy as who we are. We all experience this to varying degrees, there are no exceptions to the rule. To give you an example of how this works, think about a time you were in a great mood, you went shopping and when you came home you noticed that you started snapping at your family. They just frustrated you for no apparent reason. That is shadow or a block in your energy field, rather than who you are.

We have an energetic body, and we interact and exchange energy with the world around us all the time. The longer we leave shadow energy blocks in our energy field, the more we identify with it and start to actually believe things like our ‘family is annoying’. Which is why it is important to clear out anything that should not be there, so that we see the world through the eyes of our soul.

Clearing Energy Blocks

Clearing out energy blocks in, on and around the body is one thing that we each have the ability to do. If we see the world as a freewill game, we quickly realise that we have the absolute power over our energy field and what we experience in the world. We have seniority over our space and when we flex our freewill muscle, we can remove any energies that no longer serve us and choose differently.

We don’t always know where the energy is, what is, why we created it, if it’s ours or if it belongs to someone else but that isn’t always important. Especially when it comes to practising good energetic hygiene every day.

We don’t need to understand the energy in order to transmute it. We simply need an imagination and the ability to be amused and playful because this is the best way to shift a lot unwanted energy quickly. And being able to turn an energy block (shadow) into light is true alchemy of the soul.

Below you will find three techniques that I use to clear my energy every day. What I find interesting is, if I skip this for a few days, I can really notice the underlying flatness that has started to sneak in. So I send it packing.

  • Sea Salt

Sea salt has amazing cleansing properties and soaking in the bath with sea salt or Epson salts is a great way to remove any energies that might have interfered with your energy field throughout the day.

Admittedly it isn’t always practical to lounge around in the bath each day. There are various shower gels you can buy that contain salt that will work just as well and best of all, you can use them in the shower. I use Radox Pink Grapefruit shower gel because I love the smell, and as an added bonus, it contains salt.

After you have bathed/ showered with a little salt, give yourself a spritz of rose water. This is such a high frequency scent that your aura will feel sparkly afterwards. As my clients know, I always spray them with rose water before a healing session to help open up their heart chakra.

  • Switch on your imagination

When you notice you’re feeling a little off and you don’t know why, take five minutes to yourself. Close your eyes and imagine you are standing in front of a mirror. Notice where you see the energy blocks that are making you feel a little cranky and gently pull them out and send it to the sun to be transmuted.

This energy can appear as stringy energy, blobs, hard or soft patches and all different shapes, so just trust your first impressions. You will instinctively know exactly where it is located so go with the flow, there’s no right or wrong, how you perceive it is absolutely correct.

Once you have removed all of the energy you don’t want, imagine being filled up with the warm, golden, sparkly light of the sun.

We’ve also put together a Daily Energy Clearing Journey available that will take you through a guided meditation to clear your energy field of any interference that you may have picked up throughout the day so you can radiate in the world around you. (https://www.omnilightenergyhealing.com/resources)

You also need to bring your imagination and playfulness to this meditation.

  • Get physical

Doing exercise is a great way to push lower frequency energy out of your field. Going for a run, dancing, yoga or going for a walk are the best. If you’ve practiced yoga before, you’ll know that as your breath moves your through each posture you become more and more centered as you progress.

If you’re short on time, a quick dance routine can really turn things around too. One go-to of mine is the ‘Bus Stop’. The song lasts less than five minutes, it’s fun (even when you’re a little cranky), and I have great memories from pretty much every function I have been to in my life that will pop up. For me, it’s a really fast energetic shift when I don’t have thirty minutes to go for a walk.

If you want more insight about your energy body and what you can do with it, make sure you download our free Chakra and Aura Pocketbook. It is jammed packed with info for you so you can become familiar with all aspects of self.