• Sharyn Atkinson

Demystifying The Evil Eye, Malocchio, Hexes & Curses

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

From time to time, things go wrong, bad things happen to good people, we get headaches, have mishaps or we can feel like we are cursed and that no matter what we do, we just cannot break through to achieve what we truly desire. Is it the evil eye? A family curse? We sometimes wonder what the heck is really going on and some part of us knows that it is a type of interference. We instinctively know that it is not us, and this feeling is a huge gift!

When we detach from whatever circumstances are happening around us and tell ourselves that this is not who we are, we move towards empowerment to reclaim our sovereignty. For some though, this empowering moment can be fear-filled because they see themselves at the mercy of others and there is nothing they can do to prevent it. So instead of moving into empowerment, people give their power away.

I see this quite often during my healing sessions and I was quite surprised how prevalent the Evil Eye is across many different cultures. Despite having eastern European heritage myself, it is not something that I was raised to believe in so it really did take me by surprise to learn that there are over 150 different countries around the world that have the Evil Eye as part of their culture.

I’ve seen some devastating impacts that these beliefs can have on people, such as repetitive migraines, alopecia, nausea, paranoia and anger to name a few. I did a lot of research into the Evil Eye, or Malocchio as it is known in Italy, so I could be more familiar with these beliefs to best serve my clients.

My perspective on the Evil Eye and curses, which are more deliberate and targeted, will be useful in helping you to understand the energy that sits behind it and how you can take those steps to empowerment rather than surrendering to the energies that are creating interference and falling victim to them.

Traditional Meanings of The Evil Eye, Malocchio, Hexes & Curses

The Evil Eye is not a spell, curse or hex cast against another person. The majority of cultures concur that the eye is a malevolent force that is sent out from people either knowingly or unintentionally, with feelings of jealously, envy, resentment or dislike of another person.

And it doesn’t take much to set the wheels in motion here. You could notice that someone just bought the car you’ve always wanted and in that moment, unintentionally send out the Evil Eye to that person. Although my clients tell me it’s usually the insincere, nasty individuals who never have anything nice to say about anyone that you need to look out for the most. Those people and apparently people who are naturally blonde with blue eyes are a lot more powerful.

I fall into the naturally blonde and blue-eyed category which surprised one of my neighbours. She told me that I was ‘okay’, in a no one to fear kind of way, because I dyed my hair. The stunned look on her face when I told her this was my natural hair colour was quite interesting to say the least. I could tell from that interaction that the Evil Eye is serious stuff and thankfully for my neighbour, I’m not a shady character.

The other take on the Evil Eye is that it is a destructive force of its own, like a dark cloud waiting to strike to ruin the happiness, success and good fortune of others. It is thought that the Eye is attracted to happiness and prosperity and even if you try to hide your success from the world, the Eye can see everything, and your only option is to keep and low-profile and ward it off with various types of protection.

The rules are that you should not boast about your success, show off or exhibit any behaviour that brings attention to you. Which seems contradictory as to how clever the Eye is if it can ‘see’ everything, but I didn’t invent the rule book here so let’s go with it. The other method of prevention is to use an amulet to ward off the Evil Eye and you have probably seen many of these protective talismans in the form of necklaces, bracelets and keyrings over the years.

Hexes and curses are different. These are very deliberate and intentional spells cast against an individual with the intention of causing disruption, illness and misery with the assistance dark forces or spirits. In wiccan tradition, wishing any type of harm against another person and against their freewill, will bring the Threefold Law into play.

The Threefold Law is not something that you want to mess with. It basically states that whatever you send out is returned to you threefold. So if you curse someone and want them to suffer because they hurt you so badly, whatever type of suffering you are wishing for the other person you will experience, only three-times worse.

Witches in general get a bad wrap but the white witches know this law well and are more satisfied with healing themselves so they do not feel impacted by similar occurrences in the future or they might even perform a binding spell to block the individual from harming them further. White witches are the pagan alchemists of the world and work very closely with nature to bring about healing.

It’s typically not the incantations that are the issue, but rather the application of them. Nothing is inherently bad. For example, you could boil water to make a cup of tea or throw it on a person. The water is not bad or evil, only the application of it. Really when it comes to spells, it’s the dark magic you should be weary of which is why curses and hexing are in a separate category compared to other invocations.

On a personal note, I quite like the Threefold Law and I believe this applies to all of the good things we do too. Whatever we give and gift of ourselves, will come back to us threefold! Not from the person we’re giving to though, it could come from anywhere so don’t shut off this law and create a belief that you always give and never receive. The law is the law and it works, just allow it to work in all ways, from all sources and “in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 7:12)

Is all of this real or is it superstition?

Well, that’s a good question and there are a lot of reasons behind what I am going to say next. Essentially, yes the Evil Eye and Hexing are very real. Those backed with an intention, the desire for it to work and reach a specific outcome are real. Those casting a spell will use a little help from the spirit world and nature to amplify their intention and make it more potent, whereas unintentional feelings of dislike or envy directed at another person are not as malicious.

From an energy perspective, we all have absolute seniority over our energetic field, and we choose what we will allow in and what we will not. Some of us have just not specified what these boundaries are to veto their own space by clearly defining what they happy to put up with and what they are not.

Many people can feel a connection to another person and know that something is not right. The majority of the time these are energetic cords created between people which is why the description of the Evil Eye that can be passed on unintentionally. An unintentional cord has been created and chances are you can feel a pull towards a certain individual or you will feel this connection in your body somewhere.

For example, if someone is trying to figure out why you made the decisions you have, they may accidentally create a cord between their third eye and yours. If you feel the connection, you might experience this as a headache. Which is why some people feel that a headache is the Evil Eye.

If you have this type of connection, remove the Evil Eye and it returns the following week, the cord has not been dissolved and it may have only been detached on some level. We create cords all the time, and just as people accidentally connect to us, we are doing it too.

We’re energetic beings and we have this ability to connect to others energetically, over great distances, it is not fully understood but it is very natural. Parents and their children will have cords attached to the base chakra because the child looks to their parents for safety and support. As the child grows and becomes more independent, they will naturally detach from their parents. If parents have a difficult time separating from their child they will energetically reconnect at the base chakra and because this is not welcomed by the child, there maybe power struggles and arguments that playout.

This fleeting type Evil Eye cannot cause any physical harm because there is no intention to achieve a bad outcome for the recipient. Therefore, assuming that someone has caused your hair to fall out because they told you your hair looked nice, when really they are jealous, is something very different. This is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy or an accidental manifestation of a physical symptom because of the perceived power behind insincerity.

Similarly, assuming that something bad will happen to your car because a jealous individual gave you an insincere compliment, can cause you to accidentally manifest an accident, flat tyre, vandalism and so forth. By expecting something bad to happen, you will attract it to you. People experience this when they notice a cord created and give their power away.

If people are energetically set-up to accept and be impacted by negative energy coming at them, imagining all kinds of worst case scenarios playing out because of the Evil Eye, or Malocchio, then they will be impacted. We each choose what we will allow in and if we will integrate with this type of energy. Since some feelings attached to cords can be intense, you can accidentally tap into these powerful energies and unknowingly speed up manifestation process.

I have a lot of compassion for individuals who blame everything in their life, including their reactions, on the Evil Eye. In my view, it is simply not possible for several people per day that are known and unknown to an individual to be so envious and show constant dislike towards a person. This is a pattern a disempowerment and some people feel quite miserable in life because of these deeply ingrained Evil Eye beliefs.

From an energy perspective, people who fit into this category have a deficient solar plexus. They unintentionally give their power away by being victim to multiple external forces each day and place blame as a result.

People with an under-developed solar plexus are either too passive where they are inclined to feel apathetic towards situations, or they become overly aggressive and controlling as they try to find their power again. For many people, they are not willing to release this belief system and energy healing can help initially but because they revert back to the same habits with no intention of changing, they will usually find themselves stuck in a repetitive cycle of bad luck and unhappiness.

You might be wondering why on earth I would think that Hexing and Curses are real too. Another great question! There are many benevolent beings of light that I partner with during my healing sessions with clients. Whether they are the Ascended Masters, Archangels, elementals, or spirit guides they are willing to help clear energy that is blocking someone so they can move forward unrestricted.

The spirit world is very much accessible to each of us and they want to help us reach higher, hold higher frequencies of light and fulfil our soul mission. We just need to ask for their help and they show up.

Conversely, there are malevolent beings of shadow who are willing to step in and help fulfill a nefarious agenda if they are asked to. Shadow doesn’t follow the freewill game either and it will cause chaos without our expressed consent. I feel this is what the Evil Eye amulets are warding off, only shadow doesn’t wait for anyone to happy before it chooses to an individual to target.

You could be walking around the supermarket, feeling quite miserable about your job or relationship and be impacted further by shadow energy. I find it interesting that some cultures believe that it is it attracted to happiness and good fortune so one should avoid boasting about their successes in life to throw the Eye off. The Evil Eye, or shadow, is everywhere and it doesn’t discriminate against who it will impact.

If someone cast a Hex or Curse against another person, they can call in dark gods, goddesses, fallen angels and the hierarchy of shadow to assist them just as I call in beings of light to assist my clients. They are two sides of the same coin operating in our universe and if you’re wondering why shadow is here to begin with, it is here so that we can use our freewill to reject it and choose the light. That is the ultimate gift to source, or God. And that is the game of our lifetime, choosing light.

What’s the Solution?

It will come as no surprise that my approach is through energy healing. Which I have to admit makes me feel like an exorcist sometimes because I really do find these shadow blocks in energy fields, go after them and transmute them. I’m quite relentless with this because I find a deep sense of injustice with how shadow operates to begin with.

Shadow does not follow the freewill rules. The light must follow the rules, and despite how sad or frustrated we might be, we still need to make a conscious choice that we are choosing light over dark. The scales seem tipped here for me, so I am quite ruthless with removing shadow when I have someone’s permission. It’s not as theatrical as a horror movie or anything, far from it. Most of the time I see different shapes of energies, but I have come across cheeky shadow entities playing around in a person’s aura on rare occasions. We live in a world made of energy that we cannot fully perceive. Think of this like your Wi-Fi. You can’t see the Wi-Fi frequencies, but they are very real. The complexity of the spirit world is very real too.

Choosing light and overcoming the Evil Eye, Malocchio, Hexes and Curses really comes down to maintaining your energetic hygiene every day. Yes, it’s a very simple solution. Once you know how to do it, and do it frequently, you will notice the difference this makes. I don’t see the need to have an Aunty or Grandmother remove the Evil Eye on your behalf when it only takes a few minutes to do on your own.

That’s how I do it and if you want to clear your energy field every day like I do to maintain your energetic hygiene, you can purchase a copy of our Daily Cleansing Journey. It is super short, and straight to the point so you can take ownership of your space without having to find an extra hour each day.

If you want to try some traditional methods for Evil Eye removal, I have read through at least twenty of them and I quite liked this one as the materials are accessible. There was one that involved brick-dust that I was curious about because I believe this is used to ward off voodoo curses, but I have no idea if red brick-dust is something that can be purchased so I have omitted it.

Before you remove the Evil Eye, you might want to investigate whether you have it initially. After speaking with several people from various cultures, this method seems to be fairly common. I imagine that it would vary across different cultures and by not mentioning variations I am in no way discounting other methods. There's simply only so much I can elaborate on in a post.

Evil Eye Detection Method

Materials Required:

Bowl of water

Oil (not coconut oil though because you won’t see it in the water)


Drop, three drops of oil into the bowl of water. If the oil drops come together to form one big drop, you have the Evil Eye. If the drops remain separate as three distinct drops of oil in the bowl, then you do not have the Evil Eye. Simple!

(Taken from ‘The Element Encyclopaedia of 5000 Spells ~ the ultimate reference book for the magical arts’ by Judika Illes, 2004)

Evil Eye Removal

Materials Required:

An odd number of black cumin seeds (3, 5, 7 etc. The number 9 is very potent)

Paper bag

Fireplace/ firepit/ Cast iron pot & charcoal discs/ charcoal bbq (something that allows you to create a small, safe fire in an area that is well ventilated, where the fire can be contained.)


1. Place the cumin seed in the paper bag and pass it around the ‘victim’ three times in an anticlockwise direction.

2. Burn the paper bag in the fire.

3. When you hear the cumin seeds begin to make a popping sound, the Evil Eye has been cracked and is now removed. If no popping is heard, consider whether further action is required.

(Taken from ‘The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells ~ the ultimate reference book for the magical arts’ by Judika Illes, 2004)

Hex Removal

Now, it’s payback time! Only joking because you will invoke the Threefold Law and you don’t want to do that. I all honesty, performing an incantation can be quite complex as traditionally you are required to cast circle and invoke the four corners. To remove a Hex or Curse there are many steps, and many ingredients you will likely need. Most of all you need to have a bulletproof intention that you know what you’re doing and that your intention is stronger than the person who cast the spell in the first instance. If you think you have been hexed, cursed or have generational curses that you want to remove using magic, then I highly recommend that you search for a professional who does this frequently and is capable of removing it safely.

If you want to do it yourself, then I highly recommend following the Hex Removal Spell that Australian white witch, Fiona Horne, writes about in her book 'Witch - a Personal Journey'. Fiona is an expert and offers very comprehensive information with full transparency. You will be in safe hands.

You can also safely use a binding spell to block a person from sending you bad vibes, hexing you, cursing you or giving you Malocchio. A blinding spell will not remove existing negative interference but it will prevent an individual from repeating the harm in the future.

Binding Spell

Best performed during a full or waning moon. Like with cooking, the better-quality ingredients you use, the better the outcome will be.

Before you begin, it is recommended that you bathe in salt water and spray yourself with rose water once dry. To make the spell more powerful, perform it skyclad (naked) or wear something white, plain, loose and comfortable.

You can light candles if you wish to. White is a great banishing colour.

You can also burn some white sage incense or a stick of palo santo as these are very purgative and cleansing.

Materials Required:

White piece of paper

Black pen

White or Black length of ribbon

Small plastic container

Honey (enough to fill the container)

A biscuit or cracker

Glass of wine or something you enjoy drinking


1. Lay out all of your Materials in front of you, light any incense or candles you want to use

2. Invite any spirit guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Gods (e.g. Jupiter – Roman god) or Goddesses (e.g. Rhea ~ Greek goddess) that you would like to assist you and imagine them arriving.

3. Write the person’s name on the white piece of paper using the black pen and fold the piece of paper several times to contain the person’s energy.

4. Take your ribbon and tie nine knots along the length of it. As you do this, imagine you are calling in the power and love of the universe and attaching it to each knot.

5. Take the folded piece of paper and securely wrap the ribbon around it, anyway you prefer while saying “I bind you {insert name} from sending me anything that is not in alignment with the higher frequencies of god.” Repeat this statement a total of nine times.

6. Place the piece of paper in the plastic container and as you fill it with honey repeat the following three times “May your thoughts and actions be as sweet as honey from this day forth.”

7. Imagine that any spirit beings you asked to assist you are taking this intention with them and sending it out into the world around you.

8. Break off a piece of your biscuit or cracker and sprinkle it on the earth and eat the rest. Pour some of wine or favourite drink on the earth and drink the rest. Then repeat “Mote it be”. (This is a pagan tradition of giving back to the earth as the earth has given you assistance with your request.)

9. Take the container of honey and place it in the freezer. You can repeat the words “mote it be” or say a little prayer if you feel inspired to do so. Leave the container in the freezer as long as required.

Special thanks to my friends, neighbours and clients for helping me understand the Evil Eye in its many forms and sharing their experiences with me.

Further reading:

· ‘The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells ~ the ultimate reference book for the magical arts’ by Judika Illes, 2004