• Sharyn Atkinson

Raise Your Vibration

When I asked my guides what I could do to help the broader population in this unprecedented moment in time, I was guided by spirit to focus on raising the vibration of individuals during the global pandemic. This is because of the huge effect it is having on the emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of humanity.

I have collaborated with my spirit guides and tutors to be able to provide you with a healing session that clears out energy blocks of all kinds and lifts you up to higher feelings of love, joy and expands your light.

This is an enormously powerful, intense, and uplifting energy healing that will move you into higher vibrational feelings and help you feel more connected to your infinite self, your soul and to source.

By combining six different energy healing modalities and four different healing techniques, this healing session clears old, stagnant, and foreign energies, beliefs, filters, triggers and patterns in the body and aura so that this energy can be turned into something new.

Recipients are then filled with light, divine consciousness, so they are able to hold more light in their energy field. When we increase and hold more light this allows our infinite, divine, higher self to shine through and allows us to connect to our soul at a much deeper level so we live with a sense of purpose, direction and simplicity.

When our life is simplified, things show up for us with ease instead of struggle, not as many things push our buttons, we find we start living in the higher vibrational states of love, joy, abundance, bliss and fun.

This uplift in light and living in higher vibrational energies will not only help you through the pandemic but help you make a permanent shift into feelings of joy so you experience limitless abundance in all areas of your life.

What's Involved

This healing session will last for approximately 90 minutes.

  • Discussion about how your feeling and what change you would like to see for yourself. This will stir up your energetic gunk and bring it to the surface so we can clear it out.

  • Teach you to connect to source and the infinite part of yourself. When your connected and expanded, more energy can shift during the healing.

  • Clear unnecessary and foreign energies from your aura

  • Clear energetic cords to people that no longer serve you

  • Clear beliefs, pictures and filters that are ready to release. These can be in or on your body, chakras and aura.

  • Clear past life and seven generations of family linage karma that is ready to release. In this lifetime our karmic debt is huge and as there is a need for more light to fill our hearts than ever before, we now have permission to skip many of these lessons and delete this energy.

  • Clear limiting self-agreements. We sometimes put a glass ceiling in place that limits our capacity to receive abundance.

  • Clear, heal and balance your chakras and corresponding layers of your aura.

  • Clear the energy between the chakras along the spine.

  • Fill up with light and upgrade your light quotient so you can hold more light.

We finish with a discussion about your healing session where you will receive feedback. You will also be given some tools to help you manage your energy and clear energy blocks that come up for you between sessions. This is especially important as you may get a little moody over the following days as the chakra system processes and clears energies that are no longer needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my vibrational energy?

Our vibration is determined by how we feel. So, if we have a low vibration we are experiencing feelings of shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger. These are really heavy feelings and are low density.

Hopefully we are not living with these feelings for the majority of the time. Ideally, we should experience them in various forms, but move away from them and into a higher vibrational feeling.

Being neutral to what is happening around us is a great place to be and as we begin to move into living in the higher vibrational feelings of love, joy, peace, acceptance, reason.

Moving from lower density feelings to a higher state can be a huge challenge for some. We accumulate memories, experiences, form beliefs to protect us in the world. Our entire life story forms our world view and this is different for everyone. Some lives have more trauma and challenging experiences compared to others so clearing out these energy blocks is always a gentle, nurturing process.

Our bodies will process the energies releasing and as this happens we can be moody, irritable and experience mild flu-like symptoms. This doesn’t happen all the time, and sometimes you may not experience any of these.

If you look at the vibrational frequencies chart below and reflect on the day, just notice how many times you felt annoyed, frustrated, became fearful, blamed someone for something and so on. This can be a challenge for most people too, but it is a great place to start.

What is a light upgrade?

A light upgrade is your capacity to hold light in your energy field and radiate it out to the world around you so that you have a positive and uplifting effect on those around you. Have you ever been around someone who is laughing, and you are not certain of the reasons why, but pretty soon you find yourself laughing along with them? Your energy, the light you hold and radiate out has the same effect.

When we clear out energy blocks we free up space for that energy to become something new. By filling you with light, divine consciousness, the light will fill in the gaps of what has been removed and this is when you being to feel more connected to who you are at a soul level.

The concept of holding light resonates with a lot of people because at a soul level, we might have signed up to bring more light into the world or to bring light into certain family, organisation, or community groups to create change.

If holding more light and increasing your light quotient resonates with you, it’s very possible this is part of your soul’s agenda in this incarnation. Resonance is our soul’s subtle way of trying to get us to pay attention.

What happens after we clear out these energy blocks, beliefs and filters? Will I be a different person?

The best way to describe the after-effects of this is to think of all of the things that push your buttons and get you fired up. Eventually, you don’t react the same way as you use to and all of these triggers disappear. Which allows your infinite, divine, higher self to shine through and allows you to connect to your soul at a much deeper level so you live with a sense of purpose, direction and simplicity.

Which is so liberating because that is when you can really stay in the higher vibrational frequencies of love and joy for much longer or the entire day. Very few things throw you off your happiness and rock your boat. You can still get annoyed or upset but it becomes a rare occurrence, especially if you have learnt how to bounce back quickly.

Beliefs and filters can taint how you see the world and limit our potential, ability to see opportunities and confidence in ourselves and our sense of safety and power.

This is important to clear because we buy and sell ourselves stories over time that are not true, and if you believe something and have found a lot of supporting evidence to support those beliefs you limit your capacity to the abundance of all things in your life.

Some of these beliefs that are very prominent at this moment in time may be:

  • Don’t trust that you will make the right choice

  • Don’t know what to do, how to do it, can’t do it, it’s too difficult, there’s no point

  • Fear of getting sick, fear of family getting sick

  • The world is not safe for anyone because…

  • We can’t trust people in positions of power

  • The world has gone mad