• Sharyn Atkinson

Simple Exercise: Discover What is Blocking Your Abundance

Let's have some fun!

This is an exercise you can do next time you go shopping to help you notice the limiting beliefs you have tucked away somewhere that mess up anything from the great day you're having, to your health, wealth and life achievements.

  1. Head to the shops (grocery shopping or window shopping is fine)

  2. Notice the conversations people are having around you.

  3. In what way can you relate to what you have over heard?

I'll give you an example. I went shopping a few months ago and heard a lovely conversation between a young couple where he wanted her attention by saying 'My beautiful wife?'. To which she replied, 'yes my love'. True reflection of the love I feel every day.

Then when I went to buy ink for my printer. I was standing in line waiting at the register and the guy ahead of me was on the phone. He was getting annoyed because he wanted to know if he was buying the correct item - he wanted an answer fast because the lady at the register was finishing up with another customer. He was frustrated because he was being delayed unnecessarily in his eyes and let me go ahead of him while he verified the correctness of his intended purchase.

This struck me as remarkably interesting. So, I asked myself what's going on for me where I feel like I'm being delayed and couldn't progress how I wanted to? The universe works in such an amazing way! A few days before hand, I was in my office on a mission to complete something. One of those head down, bum up kind of days. Now though, I can't even remember what I was working on, that's how important it was.

Anyway, I was interrupted all day long; deliveries, parcels being collected, the washing machine beeping, the phone ringing, my husband wanting to chat; I’m sure you get the picture. It frustrated me to the point I told myself that 'I always get interrupted and can't get anything done.'

Do I really think that? No. Does my subconscious know the difference between a little spat and how I really feel? No, but whether I meant it or not, this limiting belief was reflected back at me when I went shopping. It does not take much to create some false, unwanted energetic beliefs. And it happens so fast because of the emotion we attach to the thought, some emotions are a lot stronger than others, and because our subconscious doesn’t have a sense of humour. Our subconscious takes everything literally.

This is one way you can easily learn to recognise how you are limiting yourself by the little clues the universe gives you through your day-to-day experiences. Pay attention to what is mirrored back to you as these are like gold nuggets that reveal what you need to clear for yourself so that you can experience abundance in all ways! It really is that simple. If you think it’s not, you have most likely bought and sold yourself a story around why you need to work hard and spend a lot of time and effort to create massive change in your life. I used to believe that too, until I cleared the belief.

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