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The Benefits of Orgone Pyramids

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

If you’ve had a healing session with me you would have noticed that I use orgone pyramids in addition to individual crystals that have been specifically selected for different chakras during the session. Most clients have not come across an orgone pyramid before so I wanted to give you some information about them because they are just simply powerful tools that anyone can use.

The basics of the Orgone pyramid is that it helps to filter and balance energy fields in our aura, environment and can aid in strengthening your energy body by converting low frequency energy into a higher frequency that is beneficial for individuals, pets and plants. That’s a broad overview but let’s go back to how these pyramids came into existence in the first place.

Orgone Background

Orgone pyramids are made based on the technology of Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator. Wilhelm Reich created a device in 1940 that was able to generate what he called ‘orgone’. The term orgone refers to lifeforce energy which you may already know as ‘Chi’ or ‘Prana’ and Reich built an accumulator to generate this energy.

The original accumulator was a metal-lined box that a person was able to sit inside. He found that by using a combination of organic and non-organic materials, he could direct lifeforce energy into the centre of the box for healing purposes. Patients would sit inside the accumulator and absorb the energy.

Wilhelm Reich believed that traumatic life experiences blocked the natural flow of life-force energy in the body, causing disease in the mind and body. And from an energy healing perspective, I absolutely agree with this but if you want to understand more about illness in energy healing terms, please refer to our blog ‘Unravelling is Energy Healing’.

Wilhelm Reich experienced great success with his invention and word quickly spread about the healing benefits on the blood and body tissue by improving the flow of life force energy in the body. Reich was a highly unorthodox doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst and his unorthodox methods quickly caught the attention of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The FDA investigated Reich and they found that his orgone accumulator was a ‘sham’ and there was no such things as life-force energy. Quantum physics now reveals that every living organism has an electromagnetic field and supports the theory of lifeforce energy.

Unfortunately for Reich, he was later jailed for breaching an FDA injunction that prevented the use and ownership of the orgone accumulator. His accumulator was destroyed following his arrest and he later died in prison in 1957. Since then, orgone pyramids have been created using a balance of crystals, metal and resin that replicate Wilhelm Reich’s work, only on a much smaller scale.

Benefits of orgone pyramids

· Clear and protect individuals from EMF radiation from electronic devices and Wi-Fi.

· Assist with achieving deeper meditative states and improved sleep.

· Transforms negative energy into positive energy.

· Positively charge water for drinking and watering plants.

· When placed near plants or in the garden, increased plant growth is experienced.

Different crystals serve different purposes and using specific crystals in orgone pyramids can amplify the effects of the crystal’s properties. Approximately ninety percent (90%) of my clients experience physical sensations such as tingling in their feet, depending on how sensitive they are to energy, during their healing sessions. I use a black tourmaline orgone pyramid most frequently with clients for its powerful grounding effect and assisting with reconnecting clients to the earth so they experience greater stability, balance and clarity.

Black tourmaline also provides protection against psychic attack and negative energy of all kinds. This is especially important to me as I work with a client’s energy field. During a healing session, our energy field relaxes and the electromagnetics of the aura open up similarly to when we are asleep and this leave us open and vulnerable. For me, it is my duty of care to provide them an incredibly safe space and prevent any lower density energy jumping in and using orgone pyramids is one of the ways I go about this. There are others ways too, but I won’t get into those. Let’s get back to orgone…

Different uses of orgone pyramids

· Reduced stress and anxiety.

· Increase psychic abilities and intuition.

· Increased manifesting power.

· Improved sleep

· Greater clarity

· Increased confidence and self-worth.

· Improved balance.

· Improved mood

· Vivid dreams

· Spiritual protection

There is really no limit as to what you can create and achieve with the use of orgone pyramids supporting you along your journey through life. To use it all you have to do is hold one in your hand while meditating, place it at your feet while sitting, place it near your modem to absorb electromagnetic smog, on your desk or under your bed while you sleep and you will feel and notice the effects of orgone. They are really beautiful to look at too, so you can place them around the house or office on display quite easily.


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