• Sharyn Atkinson

The Energy of Limiting Beliefs

Our energy healing sessions have a strong focus on clearing limiting beliefs, but many of us don’t really understand what they are, how they’re created or if we even have them. Working with limiting beliefs is quite complex for several reasons and I’m going to explain what they are, how they are stored energetically in our energy field and what happens when we clear them.

Limiting beliefs are a block in our energy field somewhere due to a traumatic experience of varying degrees. Trauma, energetically speaking, is all of the times in our lives where we ‘cannot believe’ something happened, can’t believe someone treated us a certain way, we go into shock, we perceive that we cannot handle a situation and experience feelings we don’t enjoy.

Based on our life experiences, we form an opinion and gather evidence over time that support our opinion. This forms a belief, and these can either be supportive or limiting beliefs. Surprisingly limiting beliefs are often unconscious, meaning we are not aware of them. More than 80% of our beliefs are unconscious energies sitting in the background, running on autopilot, that we have formed before the age of seven.

What we perceive as traumatic at a young age, based on our limited life experience, can really cement some energies in our field that are not correct. We end up with a tainted view of the world and limit our potential as a way to avoid experiencing similar unpleasant feelings again.

There are beliefs that you will absolutely be aware of if you’re paying attention and are mindful of what you’re thinking, why you’re thinking it, how you react and why. Observing ourselves is quite challenging at times but it’s also one of the quickest ways to stop the unconscious programming. Once you spot a limiting belief and question it, you will take away its power quite quickly.

Another challenge is knowing what you created before the age of seven. Most of the time we have no idea what evidence we collected to hold a belief in place for it to be so dominant that it runs on autopilot, protecting us in one way or another.

'Seeing' Limited beliefs

The energy of beliefs takes up space in our energy field somewhere and I usually see these as dark patches such as a blob or stringy energy. All of the stories that we bought and sold ourselves for each of these limiting beliefs show up as pictures, a little like a polaroid. There can be many pictures in place for one belief which makes sense because we collected all of these examples as evidence about why this opinion is true.

Clearing the charge of pictures and getting rid of the supporting evidence, also takes away the power of the belief. You would still be aware of your life experiences but recalling these experiences would not trigger feelings like they once did. In fact, these past experiences might seem insignificant and irrelevant to your life.

Clearing a limiting belief can sometimes take longer depending on the benefit we think it has for us on an unconscious level. I’ve had beliefs that I’ve been able to clear within an hour and others that trigger some pretty big feelings and emotions take weeks.

Our limiting beliefs also support each other like a team who work together with the sole aim of protecting us. They are there for a reason and breaking up their support network can be a challenge but once one starts to weaken, the others usually tumble quite quickly.

Sometimes I can see the stories people have told themselves play out like a little movie which can be useful when replacing limiting beliefs with a new belief or gaining more clarity. However, it is not necessary to understand all of the reasons why we made a belief ‘true’ for ourselves, we can simply clear these stories/ pictures. Many of my clients have memories pop up during a healing session and these can be things that they have not thought about since they first happened. This usually takes people by surprise and their natural reaction is to think the memory is an odd thing to think about and they unknowingly clear the energy of this during the session because they no longer see it as important.

Clearing limited beliefs has immediate results once a person's energy field has settled down over a few days and in my experience, clearing the energy of a belief is a lot faster than using some traditional methods that rely on repetition such as affirmations. And isn't that what we want? To notice something unfavourable we do, think, feel or experience and replace it with what we prefer and be able to do this quickly?

Benefits of Clearing Beliefs

Clearing all of this energy has so many unexpected surprises for everyone. For myself, when I first started considering which limiting beliefs I had that I wanted to clear, I thought that I probably had maybe three limiting beliefs. Half-a-dozen limiting beliefs at most! Boy was I wrong about that.

Just this week I’ve noticed a funny belief I had and that is after clearing my beliefs for quite a few years. We all have thousands of limiting beliefs and we probably don’t know they are there until we find ourselves triggered by a particular situation, so you kind of have to be prepared to go with the flow.

I’ll give you a live example of a belief that I cleared for myself this afternoon. I had this belief that ‘I will miss out’ or I assume that I have already missed out on something. If I go back into the archives, I can see plenty of pictures that start to play out that made this limiting belief true for me such as my older sister being able to run faster than me when we were kids and she would ‘win’ and I would ‘miss out’.

If you think about how much running you do a child, you can imagine how many stories I had to back up this limiting belief. Is it true that I will miss out on something because I’m younger, smaller, slower? No. As an adult we can see this doesn’t mean anything and is not important at all but the energy of ‘missing out’ took up a space. So when I received an email from my accountant, I thought that I had already missed out on receiving documents for my business registration. Did I miss out? No. Did I miss paying an invoice? No. Did I jump to conclusions? Yes! How did it make me feel? A little panicked and anxious! Do I like feeling that way? Absolutely not so I cleared the belief that triggered me to react the way I did.

So what does this mean for me? Granted it seems like such a silly belief but I’m going to explain the impact of this one. Clearing this particular type of energy opens me up to receive more and see more opportunities because I am not unconsciously limiting my experiences. When we have a fear of missing out, we will miss opportunities as a way to protect ourselves and save ourselves from the perceived trauma of missing out and losing!

It allows me to stay in feelings of happiness longer throughout the day because nothing is throwing me off unexpectedly. And when we live in higher vibrational feelings for the whole day, we experience more of the same and what we manifest shows up quickly with ease because there is nothing blocking it.

This is one belief, that limited me in one way. Now consider how blocked we are as people with thousands of these small, ridiculous beliefs standing in our way. How many re-actions do we have in day-to-day life that are based on something undesirable we experienced as a child? How many opportunities do we miss because this redundant energy stands in our way? We have no idea, but as these limiting beliefs are cleared we find we can hold ourselves steady in feelings we want to have more of, like happiness and joy! When you’ve cleared some core beliefs that’s when you’ll notice a big shift and the world suddenly seems to open up and you can experience life differently. You experience it as you choose to with the new beliefs you create. That’s powerful!

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