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The Law of Attraction & Your Frequency

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Many people have heard the expression ‘raising your vibration’, to manifest what they desire. You raise your vibration and when you’re in this happy place, you can manifest anything you desire. I want to clear up some misconceptions about raising your vibration in order to manifest.

Firstly, every conscious and unconscious thought we have manifests our reality. No matter how you are feeling, you are manifesting. You can live in lower density feelings of fear, grief, apathy, shame for example and still manifest what you want. However how you feel, and the underlying beliefs that cement these feelings into place, is always mirror back to you in all of your experiences. That is the law of attraction.

I’m going to illustrate this for you in an example. Let’s say you wake up each day with heaviness about having to work because you hate your job, people don’t understand you, you probably should loose some weight but why try when you’ll just put it back on again? This is such a common frame of mind to have first thing in the morning, and this sets you up for the day so you attract more experiences that mirror all of these feelings back to you.

You could experience things at work that reinforce the dislike of your job, and notice that your shirt is a little tighter than it was the previous week. When you get home, you try to explain why your job is terrible but your family think you’re over reacting and you get annoyed because they don’t understand what you have to deal with each day. This is living in lower vibrational frequencies.

So let’s say that despite the heavy feelings you’re experiencing each day, you decide that you’re going to manifest an additional twenty thousand dollars because if you had that, you would be able to resign and find a better job without financial pressure.

HOW this manifestation comes to you is in alignment with your current state. You receive an extra twenty thousand dollars, but you are not as thrilled as you thought you would be because it’s via an inheritance. You get pressure from your family to stay in your job because that extra cash is needed to upgrade the family car that keeps breaking down. Your family do not understand and on and on the cycle goes.

Lower density feelings attract more lower density feelings and more crappy experiences until you choose to get rid of your negative, false and limiting beliefs that are supporting your reality. Everything you experience happens on a mental and emotional level before you experience it in your reality. Once you release limiting beliefs, that is when you can manifest things like an additional twenty thousand dollars and things line up as you want them to, to support your bigger picture & desired state; happiness.

Using the same example, if you began each day loving that first cup of coffee, the smell of your soap in the shower, excited about who you would meet during the day and what opportunities would come your way, what you would achieve that day, thanked your body for all the hard work it does and how it supports you each day, then you set yourself up for quite a different day and experiences.

It’s not about pretending to feel this way because somewhere inside you, you will feel the resistance too it because you don’t believe it’s true. Similarly to saying an affirmation like ‘I am a millionaire’, somewhere within you will feel the heaviness of this statement because you know it’s not true. This is why it’s important to clear these beliefs, not just pretend they don’t exist.

Limiting beliefs do exist because we have all bought and sold ourselves stories over time that cement them into place. Clearing these beliefs is also about clearing all of the stories that created them in the first place. These energies block your flow of energy and connection to source and when this happens we create experiences and even illness that we do not want. This is the universe’s way of bringing your attention to the false beliefs so you can do something about them.

Manifesting an additional twenty thousand dollars from high vibrational feelings of love, joy, reason and acceptance however allows you to bring these experiences into your life with mirrored feelings of love, joy, reason and acceptance.

HOW this twenty thousand dollar experience shows up is in direct alignment to what you’re putting out into the world around you. High vibrational feelings bring abundance too you. You might receive discounts every time you go shopping, free things when you go shopping and you can also experience your passing thoughts manifesting quickly. I had a client who was in the mood for chocolate but she didn’t have any at home. Later that day, a neighbour came past with a box of chocolates they received and shared them with her over a cup of coffee. Things being to happen quickly, the universe seems to hustle all of a sudden.

The HOW and the SPEED at which you manifest is accelerated because you’re not putting up an energetic fight and unconsciously resisting and sabotaging all of your desires in the world.

So, can you manifest what you want regardless of your vibrational frequency? Absolutely, we constantly create our life experiences regardless of how we feel. The question really is, why would you want to manifest from a place other than that which is higher vibrational?

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