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The Power of Afformations over Affirmations

Most people are familiar with affirmations; a statement we use to train the subconscious into believing is true. This takes time and as Dr. Joseph Murphy explains, using affirmations can often make a situation much worse before it gets any better. Why is that?

When we say an affirmation such as “I have millions of dollars”, somewhere within us we know that it is not true. When we say the statement, we feel a heaviness within us. This heaviness is your body’s guidance system alerting you to false information. What we claim, does not ring true. You can try this by changing your own name and noticing where in your body you feel heaviness to the statement.

We often feel false information in our solar plexus and truth in our heart centre but this can vary slightly person-to-person. It’s generally the solar plexus because this is our power centre and when we are lied to or deceived in any way it literally feels like a ‘kick in the guts’. Energy is very subtle and noticing how your body responds to affirmations is a key indicator as to whether they will work or derail what you are trying to achieve.

When we say a false statement, all the reasons why it is false show up for us to experience so we can clear the energetic reasons that are blocking us from experiencing them. Most people are unaware of this information and assume that the affirmations are not working and quickly give up their intention to create a better experience for themselves in whatever regard they are aiming for.

Afformations on the other hand work completely differently. Afformations are questions you contemplate and what this does is give your mind a challenge. Our minds love challenges and our subconscious will seek out the answers for us.

We actually use afformations more than we realise, but we usually use them in a negative way and ask ourselves questions such as, “why does this always happen to me?”, “why can’t I meet a partner?” etc. When we do this, we are presented with more of the same experiences because we have literally asked for it.

By making a few changes to our dialogue we can build afformations into our daily routine. To start with though it is best to write them down, so you get the hang of how to phrase an afformation to bring you what you want.

Steps to writing afformations:

  1. Decide what it is you want to have or experience such as doubling how much money you earned over the past twelve months.

  2. Choose what type of question you want to put forward, who, what, where, why questions. You may want to use a combination of these all for the same objective. I haven’t included when because these types of questions lead to lack.

  3. Write out your afformations. Connect to the feeling of your objective and notice how your body responds to them as you read through them. You will most likely feel a sense of excitement and curiosity and an expanded heart centre. Energy is very subtle so the more you are able to connect to feelings within your body to notice the information coming back to you, the better.

  4. Contemplate these questions, and others throughout the day. Contemplating afformations before you fall asleep at night is especially powerful. Have you ever gone to bed and told yourself you need to wake up at a certain time and have woken up at that exact moment?

It’s always useful to have a guide to follow and some examples of afformations to follow so we get used to the concept. We’re going to use the same example I mentioned before, doubling your income, because I’m sure this interests many people.

Ten Afformation examples you can follow:

  1. What would it take to earn twice as much money as I did last year?

  2. What are the next 3 steps I need to take to double my income?

  3. Who are the people I need to meet to help me double my income?

  4. Where can I find opportunities that lead me to doubling my income in the quickest time possible?

  5. Why do I find opportunities to double my income so easily?

  6. Why does my employer want to double my salary?

  7. What would it take for my employer to double my salary?

  8. What energetic frequency can I embody to double my salary?

  9. Why do I always attract profitable opportunities that double my salary?

  10. Why is my salary increasing so rapidly?

Afformations are so easy to construct. Pick as many as you like that you want to work with. There’s no limit to this, I would recommend that you cover all possible angles such as who is involved, who you need to meet, what are the steps you need to take etc.

Be open to opportunities coming back to you and take action. We have a physical body and we need it to manifest our physical experience. We have to go out, move it around and meet new people and experience life. Action can be in any form too, and you might suddenly find yourself compelled to wash the car at the car wash for example. Your body will guide you to situations and opportunities to answer all of the questions you’re throwing out there, ensure you’re open and willing to go on an adventure and watch your life change before your eyes.

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