• Sharyn Atkinson

The Power of Intention

What if you knew how powerful your intentions were and how you could use them to benefit you in all situations and areas of your life?

You may be wondering what intention is and how it applies to our day, our lives and everything we do and experience in the world. That’s completely understandable because we’re not taught about how to use our intention. Most people figure this out for themselves when they start doing things like completing goal setting documents, business plans and vision boards. We learn about intention incidentally rather than purposefully because it is generally not considered a life skill.

As you read this, you probably set out with the intention of learning more about what intention is and how to use it. Our intention is just that; it is what you want to get out of an undertaking. It’s what you’re aiming for when you begin doing something. And this is really important because intention is the momentum of moving energy in a particular direction to achieve the outcome we want. Simple?

You can use intention in all situations and purposefully direct your energy in towards the outcome you’re looking for. I do this in energy healing all the time. I have consultations with my clients to determine what outcome they are looking for and then the energy during that session is very much guided towards achieving that outcome. It’s always a guided healing session by my guides, high level light beings, the recipient’s guides and their higher self. Without setting an intention an energy healing session is like potluck; we just work on

what comes up or what is bubbling away on the surface.

I actually use intention throughout my day, all day, every day. I look at the time and make a decision that I will complete a task within a certain time frame. And the universe aligns for me so that I meet my objective as I have intended – within a certain time.

We can set ourselves up to fail if we have half-baked intentions though and this is what we need to be mindful of. I’m sure you will be able to relate to these examples too, we’ve all done them because we don’t really know what we’re doing when it comes to this stuff and we get into the habit of repeating what we’re familiar with. Have you ever…

  • Wanted to be home at a certain time so that you were not late? (Outcome: Things seem to go wrong all around you and despite your best efforts, you were late anyway.)

  • Better do X so that I don’t get into trouble. (Outcome: you were in trouble for something. Not necessarily for task X, but you were in trouble anyway.)

  • I should start cooking dinner because the children will start freaking out when they get hungry. (Outcome: your children annoyed while you were cooking because they were hungry)

  • If I leave for work five minutes later than I usually do, I’ll be late. (Outcome: you were late, even if you left on time).

  • Oooh, there is a major jackpot in the lottery on the weekend. I’m going to buy a ticket. (Outcome: you successfully purchased a ticket.)

Using our intention in the wrong way, gives us outcomes that annoy us. We’re late when we don’t want to be, we get bothered, annoyed, get into arguments we don’t want to have and end up with a nice collection of lottery tickets we have purchased.

So how do we use our intention the right way to get energy on our side? It is a challenge especially because energy and intention are intangible. We can’t see them in motion to have any real certainty about what is actually taking place. But your intention is an absolutely power resource you use all the time.

To experience just how powerful your thoughts are for yourself, complete this two-minute exercise and see for yourself. This is a really easy way to see how powerful you are and how you can affect your body with a thought. Try it for yourself.

If you’ve completed the exercise you will know that you are one powerful infinite being. So, be vigilant with what intentions you throw out to the world and change the outcomes you are experiencing in your life. You have that power.

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