• Sharyn Atkinson

Unravelling is Energy Healing

There are a lot of misconceptions about what energy healing is and that’s understandable because we grow up in a society that focuses on healing when you are ill. Generally, we are bought up to seek medical advice when something is wrong physically, emotionally or mentally. Which is still great advice by the way but we’re not taught to heal until something goes hay wire.

Eastern medicine is different in that it focuses on maintaining wellness so that you don’t have any ailments. I really love this approach this approach to health, but it is not necessarily what energy healing focuses on either. So there are a lot of variations to our general understanding of healing.

Energy healing is such a big area because energy makes up such a huge part of who we are as humans in this physical existence. We have our chakras, meridians, several layers of the aura and we’re living in an energy bubble that is very much like a bubble filled with how we think and feel about the world and what we expect to show up for us.

When we come into this lifetime, we have a soul contract which is why we chose to incarnate at this moment in time. When we get here, we bring with us our accumulated karma from our past lives and family lineage across the past seven generations, across all time, dimension, space & reality. So, we already hold certain views, fears and preferences in our energy field when we begin this life experience and carry a huge karmic debt.

As we grow up, we experience the world and form our own beliefs we have so many experiences and this continues to accumulate also throughout our lives in addition to energetic cords we create with people we come into contact with. With all these elements to us across our multidimensional and human experiences, we have a lot of energy accumulated in our energy fields.

If you were to visualise this energy wrapped around yourself, you might think of it as a ribbons or rope wrapped around you that extend about an arm’s length in front of you.

Energy healing is about unravelling all of the rope that represent your false perceptions, behaviours, limiting beliefs, soul contracts and karmic load you are carrying. Those you have accumulated in the lifetime and those from previous. It is not possible to hand over this responsibility solely to an energy healer because we all need to take responsibility for our own energy and life purpose. An energy healer can help you transmute layer after layer of your energetic blocks and give you guidance and tools to use to manage your energy but the real change in your life circumstances comes from within. Learning about who you are, and why you chose to incarnate in this lifetime so you can fulfill your soul agreement.

When you peel back all unnecessary energetic layers, you are left with who you are as a soul. And your soul does not live in feelings of lack, struggle, anger, hatred, jealously, sadness, envy, greed, vengeance, or any other lower density feeling. Your soul lives in love and joy and knows that everything in this vast universe and dimension is abundant.

We have a large disconnect from this state and knowing of who we are as a soul; a being of light. Energy healing is about unravelling to return to this knowing and remembering of self. There is a lot of physical, emotional and mental healing also because as you remove every energy you do not require and every energy that is false in your field, you heal the aura and you heal on all levels in this lifetime.

Many people have body stuff going on like an ache or a pain and in some cases, something much more severe or chronic. Regardless of what is going on in the body, it is always linked to a feeling that we do not want to deal with or acknowledge. The pain is your body’s way of bringing it to your attention so you can do something about it by acknowledging it and then releasing it. Sometimes it can be more complex in identifying what energy we have trapped in our bodies because we have have resistance to change, we doubt we can actually change and deep fear that can block us too because we fear confronting a past trauma.

Energy healing is a profound journey for everyone who has come to the realisation that there is more to life than what they see before them. And when you begin that journey with the intention of removing the illusions of your existence, then you will begin to reconnect with yourself and remember who you are at a very deep level. Reconnecting with this inner power that you have had all along, but chosen to block, is one of the most satisfying feelings anyone can have. That’s what energy healing is and I would love to help you unravel who you are as a soul on your journey.

If you would like more information about your chakras and aura and they types of information we store in our energy, download a copy of my free Chakra & Aura Pocketbook.

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