• Sharyn Atkinson

Your Solar Plexus; Feel Safe, Confident & In Control During Chaos

I'm sure that you will agree that during our current Coronavirus pandemic that you are probably feeling a little more edgy than usual. There is a lot of uncertainty and we can certainly feel like the only certainty in our lives at the moment is change.

Not everyone embraces change, especially when they have not initiated the change they are experiencing. This is where can begin to feel as though we are a victim of circumstance and we have no choice at the moment. Which is where we start to give away our power as an individual.

There are things you can do so you feel safe, confident and in control of your life regardless of what is happening around you. And when I sat down to work out what I could share with you, I ended up with a pretty big list of ideas, so I have turned these into an eBook that you can down load for free.

We're going to pretty much trick your mind so that your Solar Plexus can get back into it's natural rhythm and you can push fear aside and FEEL like you are steering the ship called your life once again. I have personally used all of these over time and all of them will directly impact your ability to feel in control of any situation that crops up.

Some techniques are easy to use and others require you to be a little more vigilant in being aware of your thoughts, your reactions, habits and patterns of behaviour. You can definitely do this on your own and you can start now! Take one, they're free!

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