Quantum Intuitive Energy Healing 

Heal Your Being & Raise Your Vibration

Clearing lower vibrational feelings and energies has enormous benefits. These heavy attributes of our being, keep us stuck in repetitive situations, drama, events, heavy emotions and what can feel like endless mental chatter. In the quantum field, we may find these blockages in your aura, body, chakras, meridians, at a cellular level or other lifetimes and dimensions.

Working with the higher levels of your consciousness, our energy healing sessions go to the root causes of dis-ease, allowing you to heal at deep levels across your mind, body and spirit. Undoing the past energies of choice allows you to consciously choose the higher vibrational energies you prefer and in consultation you will be given tools to help you reprogram your thoughts to cement in a new reality.


This transformation of higher consciousness is reflected back to you in your everyday experiences and once you are living in higher vibrational feelings of love or higher, life is blissful and filled with joy and ease. 

Happy Girl

After experiencing a quantum healing, clients report:

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Greater productivity & less procrastination

  • Better health and easing of chronic symptoms

  • Relief from mental chatter

  • Improved relationships with partners, family, friends

      & much, much more!

  • Greater self-confidence & self-worth

  • Greater clarity of purpose

  • Decisiveness 

  • Detached & trigger-free from past events & people

  • Increased self-care


Daily Energy Clearing Journey.png

All clients receive a free copy of our 'Daily Energy Clearing Journey' to keep your aura radiating light. 

What to Expect

  • All healing session are conducted via Zoom with video switched off, so you can wear your PJs if you choose and fall asleep afterwards. 

  • Discussion about how we will approach your healing based on the information provided when you booked in. 

  • You'll be connected to source and the infinite part of yourself and taken through a tailored visualisation that will highlight interference in your energy field, depending on your personal circumstances.

  • Clear unnecessary energies and entities from your aura. 

  • Clear energetic attachments such as cords & hooks to people that no longer serve you.

  • Deeply relaxing subconscious exploration where numerous memories connected to trauma, limiting beliefs, patterns and triggers from this life or another can surface as they cleared from your field.

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  • Various energies can surface to be transmuted including karma, past life trauma, family linage karma/ trauma, self-contracts, past life agreements and soul contracts.  

  • Balance your chakras and corresponding layers of your aura. Angelic beings may also come forward to add further support if you require it.

  • Clear the energy between the chakras along the spine.

  • Fill up with light and upgrade your light quotient.

  • Discussion & feedback from your session where you will be given tools or techniques to help hold you steady as you heal and elevate to a new level of being. 

  • Receive a light encoded recording of your Zoom healing session for you to replay for deeper healing of the same issue. 

  • Receive a follow up the following week where we can answer any questions you may have. Most of all, we love hearing about your experiences and the subtle changes you have noticed and experienced.


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