Home & Office Cleansing

In person across Melbourne or remotely

  • 1 hour
  • Prices Vary
  • Client's premises or remotely

Service Description

Clearing a building, home or office of stagnant and foreign energies can have enormous benefits on your wellbeing. Some of the benefits you may experience are enhancing communication, harmony and level of comfort for those who live and work at the premises. Typically, Sharyn will use a combination of white sage, palo santo, sea salt, clearing spray and energy work to move through each room in the property to clear it of troublesome and/ or stale energy and entities. These tools will be discussed with you prior to being utilised. Prices vary depending on the size of the building, however here is an indicative guide of what you can expect to pay: Standard home up to 4 bedroom, single story: $150 Larger homes, including double story and granny flats: $200 Small office spaces (e.g. suite/ unit within a business complex): $150 If you have a larger office or office building you would like cleared, please contact us to discuss your needs and we will arrange a quote for you. Clearings can be done remotely and the effects are surprisingly powerful! As Sharyn has the ability to 'call in' different mineral, metal, crystal, plant and herb energies your property can still experience the benefits of white sage for example, without the aroma. You are not required to be present for a remote property clearing, but we will discuss your concerns with you prior to the clearing and provide you with a summary of our findings via email once complete. Please contact us via email (info@omnilightenergyhealing.com) and we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time and place.

Cancellation Policy

You must be at least 18 years of age to use our services. Please select your appointment time carefully. To reschedule your appointment we require 24 hours notice. We do not go against the freewill of any individual. You may not book an energy healing session for another person without their expressed consent and absolute agreement to have changes made in their energy field. It is our responsibility to create and maintain a safe energetic healing space for you while you are in our care. While we are able to clear a variety of energy blocks in your energy field, only you can ultimately heal yourself. The outcomes you achieve from our healing services are dependent on you taking responsibility to surrender to the healing process that we have tailored to support you. You will receive guidance, message and feedback at the end of the session and this will highlight to you underlying patterns, energies that have been holding you in an undesirable state. You will then be given specific tools, techniques to use to create a permanent change in your life. We provide you with the tools, but you need to do the work and it is ultimately up to you to create a permanent change with the guidance you have received so you do not re-create the same energy again. We reserve the right to refuse services to individuals who are not ready to take ownership of their energy until such a time when they are ready and have taken some time to alone to do some soul searching. During this time, be proud of yourself for making it through life this far and reflect on how you have tried your very best to see a change but required a little help. You may be challenged beyond your comfort zone or introduced to concepts that are new to you, so bring an open mindset as you prepare to try an approach life being supported by us and guided by spirit on your unique journey. Distance energy healing session and home/ buildings clearings can proceed without you. As energy knows no boundaries, the effects and benefits achieved through remote healing are often the same as in person. Naturally it is most beneficial to you to have a consultation before and after your energy healing session, so please ensure you will be 100% available for the session. If you receive an energy healing and you are not present for the session, the healing energies will be made available to you and you will receive them at the most appropriate time for you, as determined by your higher self. If for any reason you need to reschedule, we require at least 24 hours’ notice in advance and we are happy to accommodate where possible.

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